Remembering HRH the Duke of Edinburgh

This is a sad time for the Royal Family and for the nation. Prince Philip was the longest ever serving consort and served with distinction in the 2nd World War.

The Parish Council recognises the week of official mourning and as a gesture of respect from the village is flying the Union flag at half mast at the Recreation Ground on School Road.

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Crime Statistics

Colchester Rural North

Dedham & Langham Crime Statistics

February 2021 – Later information is awaited from the MoJ.

There were 21 Crimes reported in February 2021.

9 of these were in Langham:

  • 3 Violence & Sexual Offences
  • 1 Anti-Social Behavior
  • 1 Other theft
  • 1 Criminal Damage
  • 2 Vehicle Crime
  • 1 Public Order Offence

4  Offences at the Birchwood Road/Shell garage complex

Dedham & Langham Crime Map


Williamson Developments’ site plan for 30 new homes on the south side of School Road east of the Community Centre

PC Questionnaire on Williamson Developments Site Plan

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Evaluation of responses to PC questionnaire

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