Village Amenities

Numerous club and events facilities are available at the Langham Community Centre >

The Parish Council offers various facilities at the recreation ground. These include:


Football Pitches


Space & Support for caravan rallies


Space for car parking


Outdoor areas for private parties, Fetes or Day Shows




A Fine beacon on the Recreation near the Community Centre commemorates the centenary of the Armistice ending the First World War. It may be hired and lit for special events.


Children’s Play Area and separate Dog Walking Area

The Recreation Ground has a children’s play area with various rides and attractions. This is a dog free area. The equipment is inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

Adult outdoor exercise equipment

Picnic Area

Open Spaces

The village has several open spaces that are maintained by the Parish Council for the enjoyment of all. These include a Millennium Garden, a War Memorial, an Airfield Monument, Benches, Flower Tubs and Flower beds.



Safety Features

Langham Parish Council has installed a defibrillator and a Village Emergency Telephone system (VETS).


This is located near to the main entrance to the Community Centre adjacent to the Community Shop.

The defibrillator is registered with the Ambulance service. If a person calls 999 and it is a potential cardiac arrest the Ambulance service may provide information on where the nearest defibrillator is located and the code to get into the cabinet. In the cabinet is a defibrillator, a rescue kit, torch, hi viz jacket and a pocket mask.

The defibrillator is a semi-automatic unit with visual and audio instructions which are easy to follow.


Langham Village Emergency Telephone System (VETS)

If you are with a person who you suspect has had a cardiac arrest, immediately call 999 as normal. An ambulance will be dispatched as soon as possible, however due to the location of Langham, this may take a while.

You may well be alone with the patient and cannot leave them to go and get the village defibrillator, so there are a group of volunteers who will respond to a telephone call from you. All the volunteers are on the same number and if a volunteer is available you give them your location, they will collect the defibrillator and come to your location, they will then assist in CPR and using the defibrillator until the ambulance or medics arrive.

The number to call these volunteers is: 01206 700990

Public Transport

The Parish Council represents the village at the Essex Bus User Group which is held quarterly by Essex County Council. This group looks at timetables, sponsored services and viability.

Panther Service 81/81A Colchester to Dedham Timetable

Timetable >

Ipswich Buses 93/93A/94 Service Colchester to Ipswich Timetable

 Timetable >

Ipswich Buses 194 Langham to East Bergholt High School Timetable

Timetable >